• All students currently enrolled at a high school are eligible to compete. The PCV Penn Ecoventure Challenge is a global competition, so international applications will also be accepted.

  • There is no fee to participate in the PCV Penn Ecoventure Challenge. This event was made with the intention to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities to students.

  • We strongly encourage anyone interested in climate innovation to apply. There are no requirements for what a successful PCV Prize team will look like, and we will be hosting educational events to help teams build and strengthen their startup ideas.

  • Anywhere from just an idea to a working prototype. The key caveat is that teams must have less than 25K in external funding. As much as we would love to support great climate startups that are already growing, we’re focused on encouraging new students to enter the scene. Feel free to check out the winning pitches from our last competition.

  • Nope! It’s perfectly fine if you have non-students in your startup. However, only students are allowed to compete in the PCV Prize. Furthermore, if you are an incorporated startup, at least one of the students presenting must be an owner / managing member listed in the articles of incorporation. We’re focused on students, so no interns presenting for established startups.